Matthew Didn't Know

What Matthew Didn't Know

April 2013

I have had the hardest time expressing what I wanted to put on this page of Dylan's website ... so I am turning to family and friends to add their thoughts on "what Matthew didn't know" ...

I'll go first ...

Matthew Didn't Know that his Mom couldn't fix everything ..... 

I don't know of a time when we, as a family, or Dylan as my son that I couldn't smooth over whatever bump made its way to our road.  Whether school or sports; friends or family; toys or trucks we somehow managed through hard work, a little luck, and a lot of faith to make the best of the hand life had dealt us.  It's was okay if something broke ... a car, a truck, a toy, our house, or even a bone or two ... Mom could fix it.  I would always fix "it" ... whatever "it" was.  What Dylan didn't know was that Mom couldn't fix everything.  I couldn't fix his burns, or grow skin, or make the pain go away.  I couldn't fix Dylan. 

While I have to live my life knowing I couldn't fix Dylan .... I don' t have to live my life accepting that this tragedy will happen to someone else.  I watch my friends and my family use gas cans that are unsafe; I watch my neighbors pour gasoline in to hot lawnmowers; I listen to people tell me how their gas cans exploded; I watch and watch and watch .... and the more I watch, the more I see - I see that "What Matthew Didn't Know" is the same thing that most of you don't know.  It's not just that gasoline burns ... gasoline storage containers explode - and when they explode you can't fix what happens next.  You might can rebuild your barn, or buy a new car or lawn mower, but you can't fix a body that is scorched by gasoline from an exploding gas can. 

Three years ago today Dylan began his journey to Heaven.  Please pay tribute to his life and his struggle to overcome his burn injuries by checking your gas cans and ensuring your world and the ones you love are safe from the hazards of gasoline containers that will explode.  Educate your family, friends, and communities on the importance of gasoline & gasoline container safety.  Watch your surroundings to ensure the safety of your family.  Know what Matthew Didn't Know .... and share that knowledge with those you love.

More information is available on our website or you can google "safety gasoline containers". 

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