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December 22, 2013

I have recently been blessed with the privilege of meeting and working with Rich Gardella and Lisa Myers with NBC. Rich and Lisa (along with their production team) visited with me at my home as part of an investigative report on gasoline container safety. The outcome of their efforts can be seen on the NBC website or by following the links found here.

Part of the mission of Matthew Didn't Know is to share our experiences and journey in an effort to educate others on gasoline container safety. I had to at the very least consider the opportunity. I have never been open to sharing the personal and intimate details of what Dylan and I shared during his last weeks with me. These are very personal & private memories. However, I was being afforded the opportunity to share a glimpse of Dylan's life and tragedy and prayerfully considered participating.

Wow !! what a soulful destination on this journey did that become. While all of Dylan's story wasn't shared as part of their report, I do want to thank Rich & Lisa for their time, integrity, and genuine compassion. During our visit, I, for the first time voiced thoughts that had previously only been in my mind and described images that were haunting my memory of my precious Dylan. Their interest and work on the topic of gasoline container safety is genuine and sincere, as are they. While in everyday life we all share different personal & political views, it is both refreshing and humbling to me that there are still a few journalist that honor their word as well as the people in the stories they tell. I trusted them with "my Dylan" - and ask that you trust their journalism as fact and share their reports to help make a difference ... to help safe a life.

As I count my blessings, I now have two more. Merry Christmas, Rich and Lisa. Two knew additions to "What Matthew Didn't Know" ... that I wish in my heart he had.

God Bless,

12/04/13 NBC News TODAY Show Video Report and NBC Text Report: 

Gas Can Explosion Hazard

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WPI Combustion Lab Testing: see WPI-NBC testing demonstration

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 12/05/13 NBC Text Report:

Consumer Product Safety Commission calls for flame arresters on plastic gas cans

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