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Matthew Didn't Know

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Dylan Kornegay is my son.

Dylan was critically burned on March 5, 2010 when a gasoline storage container exploded. With severe injuries on 80% of his body, Dylan was transported to the JM Still Burn Center in Augusta, Georgia. For 6 weeks, Dylan along with a team of "medical magicians" fought a courageous battle to save his life. Through God's mercy and grace, on Sunday, April 11, 2010, Dylan began his journey to heaven.

Dylan's life, his struggle to live, and now his death have all touched people around the world. He is a very special young man, a precious son, a loving brother, and a treasured friend. We
know there is a way to prevent gasoline container explosions. We know through education & legislation we can facilitate a change. We know through medical miracles we can heal those suffering with burn injuries. We know that through prayer and faith we can ease the pain of those who mourn the loss of a loved one or bare the struggles of burn recovery. What we don't know - is why we have to fight so hard to make something so simple happen.
Gasoline storage containers need flame arresters. Parents, children, and businesses need education. Manufacturers & businesses need to be aware of and compliant with current regulations. We all need to help make this happen. " Matthew Didn't Know" is committed
to driving awareness for the urgent need of burn prevention education, burn patient care, and the support of burn patients and their families. Our hearts, our prayers, and our support together with our faith & God's grace will prayerfully provide a safer life journey.
Please visit our site pages and  links or call (601) 946-2360 for more information on our projects & how you can help us move our mission forward. We invite you to join us on our journey as we learn from and share what "Matthew Didn't Know".
Thank you for your prayers & support.
 God Bless, Karen Gueniot-Kornegay

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